quiet night

I'm enjoying a quiet night. looking forward to a fun weekend. work is alright, but so so so busy. I don't feel as stressed out, but it's really a busy busy place. i tell you. this weekend. oh this weekend lets bring on the fun. i think i'm going to call sam.

Bad Ideas

Spent the weekend freezing around the fire. today I feel a cold coming on, so how am I go to fix this problem. whuhahahahaa, drinking, breathing in cigarette smoke, and stay out late in the misty rain listening to metal. nice.


I am cold. I am in Texas. I am wearing a hoodie, tobagon, and gloves in my house. I live in Texas. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. I live in Texas.


I'm in a mood right now. and i'm going to hang on the computer for a second so I don't go to bed too annoyed.

I started my night having super fun, went to a kinda party with some friends and had a few drinks, then came home and it went down hill. my friend started a debate with me, which was innocent enough, but I don't debate and got way to emotional and depressed so then I called my friend to help chill me out and instead of having a nice convo he started complaining about work. It's my new total pet peeve, i love my job and take it way too person when people complain about it just to compain. arrrrrgh, i almost hung up on him, so now i'm trying to calm down. A shower then bed, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

on a fun note, i'm going to my first work conference monday, we're going to new orleans. it should be pretty awesome, then we'll be back friday just in time for e-corps graduation. hurray. then when all of my friend/members are gone i can stop being jealous about not going to site or camping, instead i can just enjoy my job and my friends. nice.

Death Metal

What a weird weekend. I spent my weekend at FunFunFun fest, a local festival of some awesome bands, a mixture of hip hop, new hip stuff, and metal and punk.  How strange was it when I found myself saturday wanting to spend most of my time watching Metal.  My two favorite shows the first day were The Sword and Russian Circle, pretty heavy stuff, I had an awesome time and walked home with Stephe and Kiley through the Capital Grounds with Ratatat busting in the background, with this being said I was totally distraught when Sunday came with gross rain and nasty mud. I was soaked and not enjoying the music like the day before.  I spent a lot of the day trying to decide whether I should go home, and what made it worse was the last bus left at nine, so I wasn't going to get a chance to see the last bands that started between 8 -8:30 except for a minute.  so that was annoying.  Finally i devised a plan to see the GZA at 8 for twenty minutes then walk over to the metal stage and see a song of Danzig, then a song of Of Montreal, and then bust it to the bus stop.  Well 8 came and went, all the way to 8:20 with no sign of the GZA, so at 8:25 kinda sad I went to the black stage to find the band before Danzig was still playing, this wasn't going well.  8:35 hit and i was a moment before sadly going when I saw my friend Wade who wouldn't let me go, he swore he and J would get me a ride home, so it was set I was watching Danzig and stoked to be watching it with friends.  A general suck day turned into a super awesome adventure of headbanging great metal, being compeletely covered in beer, rocking out with W, J, and E and just having the most awesome rowdy time. It was excellent, hurray for music, and loud guitars, and busting heads with crazy friends.
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fourth night of drinking. wow. i think it's just become a habit of this week. could my job be driving me to drink. oi, not but hmmm. strange indeed. halloween is close. i think i'll be happy when it's november and I feel i'll be back to my normal life.

also strange. i'm watching the world series for the second night.

The Capital City

I've lived in several places now.  I'm generally comfortable where I live, and consider them home easily enough.  My hometown Urbana, is still a place I feel very close too.  Anyone who knows me, knows how Ohioy I am, it's gross. Other then Urbana, my favorite place after was probably Cork.  It's such an awesome place, Ireland's second largest city with only 200,000, but it was still too me a small city, a home.  A few years later I spent some time in New York. I was generally comfortable there, but I really didn't want to stay.  It was not my city.  and then comes dear Austin.  I was thinking today, wondering how I felt when I first came to Austin, I can't remember being nervous, or afraid of living in a big place, now it feels so like home. The Capital City, once again it feels like a small town, where I recognize people at stores, or resteraunts, where I feel comfy in campus, or my neighborhood, or up north.  I really love it here.  oh and what brings this on.  I just saw Whip It, a movie based out of Austin, and it was super cute, and lovely, and Austinny.  Sigh, i love my new home.  

Austin Summer

Just got back from my spike to Huntsville. it was my fourth time to Huntsville. I like it a lot. it's a great park.  I saw several really cool birds which was exciting. and we hung out and watched a bunch of movies which was different for a spike. I'm kinda disappointed because i can't go on our next spike to Cooper Lake and why do you ask??? because i have to train for my new job.  I got a job being one of the people to take over our office manager's spot when she leaves in a few weeks. I won't be able to take over right away. I have to finish my hours so it'll be a few months, but it's so totally exciting to have a job when e-corps ends in November. it'll be so sweet, they're buying me a computer, and i'll make more money, and it's just like worlds of pressure is lifted. pretty exciting.

I think we're going to have a good weekend off, a few trips out and about, a few drinks to drink. and i'll finally see harry potter real soon. huzzah.

might have a girls chainsaw day with lindsey, sav and i. it'll be a fun bit of a day.

later gators, enjoy your july. i am.

It's been an Age

My word it's taken me a while to type something, and I haven't always been gone. there have been a lot of spikes to Bastrop, but there have also been several many laying around the house days.  It's raining out right now, it's an awesome thundery morning rain which is awesome. I think it's been a little while since we had rain.  I'm just chilling at home.  It's not very often that I have the house to myself with the four of us, so it's kinda nice.  It's the last day of my break from spike.  we started up with our new crew last hitch.  They seem pretty cool, it's all so different and new so we'll see.  My friend Brie might come over later, I long ago found out she had never seen the Dark Knight so that is definitly something that needs fixed.  There is a Blue Jay outside shouting, i wonder if it's about the rain.  I spent a fortune as of late on booze, books, movies, and clothes, that is something I need to curtail. I've also been watching so many movies and t.v. shows on dvd.  yesterday I went to the theatre and saw My Sister's Keeper then I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the afternoon.  That evening Erin and I watched three episodes of True Blood, and I finished my night by watching Empire Records.  I spend so much of my free time watching movies. I'm allright with that. I really love movies. The only one of the many things that stands out right now is that I watched Big Trouble in Little China for the first time in years and it really is just awesome, and me and Erin are becoming majorly attatched to Lost. I've of course always been majorly attatched, but i've gotten her through season 3 and I think we're going to bust it to the end.  Later kids. 


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Return to Yesteryear

I went to work today, my crew was working in town today, we're just wasting sometime until we go on our next spike, well half my crew wasn't there, so we went out with another crew, and lucky for us it was their fun day.  It was this dorky Lake festival, for these school kids, i spent most of my day eating free food, singing loud songs with kids, and trying to make sure no one fell of the dock into a shadowy death.  it was pretty fun, and a little lame.  These e-corps kids this year have the strangest schedules and projects, it's just really odd work, no real huge chainsaw days of yore, though they do get a little chainsaw time. it's just really odd.  Well it was a fun day we ended it at the local 7/11 followed by visiting a few animal friends at the nature center.  lucky me.

I think i might start work on an eastern screech owl box for my back yard. i've got the plans all drawn and savanah and i are going to go get some lumber tomorrow, so I might spend tomorrow a little bit at the school stealing their power equipment.  fun fun. 

nothing much new to see here, keep moving. be like the shark. later yo.